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Enabling BFSI leaders to deliver engaging compliance training that employees complete and comply with, thus helping get the most out of their compliance training budgets.

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So how can you translate compliance training to compliant behaviors in a highly regulated industry?

Let’s make it meaningful!

Our Approach to Designing for Compliance Interventions

A Consultative Approach

Understanding both the learners’
and the business perspective

Learner Buy-In

Considering the emotional
relevance to learners

A ‘DO’ Focus

Having a performance-focused
approach to the design

A Practice-driven Experience

Creating loops of practice
to help improve skills

Stories for Impact

Using stories and scenarios
for relatability

Feedback for Retention

Reinforcing desirable behavior
through personalized feedback

This approach has helped us deliver award-winning learning solutions in the compliance domain. Want to find out how?

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Success Stories of our BFSI Clients

The Challenge

To make staff aware of the Data Privacy Policy and its impact on their work, without intimidating them.

Our Solution

While designing and implementing the required privacy controls for an organization is a specialized and dedicated role, following data privacy best practices is something every staff member must incorporate into the performance of their day-to-day tasks — as an “always-on”, “processing-in-the-background” default mode.

The Data Privacy training, therefore, was presented in a simple, straightforward, and generally applicable manner, with practicable takeaways.

Benefits of the Solution

Making learners comfortable with the concept in a relatable, informal manner, through evocative storytelling

Building a foundation and allowing for deeper understanding in a format that allows the learner to be self-paced

Encouraging application by using real-life examples where learners are made to apply their understanding of the concepts to make decisions

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The Challenge

To help employees understand and tackle conflict of interest scenarios when working from home

Our Solution

A scenario-based program with the goal of allowing employees to learn the best practices while working from home, through easily relatable scenarios where conflict of interest may arise.

Benefits of the Solution

Real-life scenarios provided an opportunity to ‘learn by doing’ through analysis and decision-making.

Contextualised situations allowed learners to put themselves in the shoes of the on-screen character and engage with the content.

Custom illustrated characters and scenes helped support relatability and create a familiar environment for the learners.

Want to know more about how this training helped meet our client’s objectives?

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