Senior Motion Graphic Designer/Animation Video Creator

Bachelor’s in fine arts or Equivalent.

More than 6 years of professional animation experience.

Tools Required:

  • After Effects (Advance)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Flash/Animate CC (Advance)
  • Photoshop (Advance)
  • Sound Forge/Audacity (Intermediate/Advance)
  • HTML (Intermediate)
  • XML (Basic)


  • Knowledge of 2D (Vector)/3D animation techniques
  • Character animations (human figures and animals)
  • Motion graphic animation (typography, animated graphics)
  • Intro animation
  • Stop motion
  • Photo animations
  • Audio integration and sound engineering
  • Special effects
  • Good visual and design sense, including colour and typography

Job Description/Responsibilities:

  • Moderate verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills for team interactions.
  • Understand the learning needs and recommend relevant animation styles and technology.
  • Develop animation to meet design goals and support the animation style.
  • Develop animation concepts, design illustration, and create animation/ motion graphics, character animation, compositing, and visual effects for video.
  • Demonstrate an excellent sense of timing, motion, and movement in visual media.
  • Provide required thoughts for visual storyboards to bring in the right impact in the animation.
  • Possess very strong knowledge of animation tools and along with their plug-ins.
  • Explore efficient tools and techniques to continuously better the individual’s animation efforts and skills.
  • Responsible for the sound design like voices, sound effects, and music to create a rich experience that compliments the visuals on screen.


To apply for this position, mail your details to with the Job Code mentioned in the subject line.

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