Sr. Executive Business Development

Job Title: Sr. BDM

Qualification: MBA preferred

Experience: Minimum 6+ years of work experience, preferably in selling IT Services and Content Solutions.

  • Experienced in selling e-learning content solutions, managing sales team independently, and enterprise account management and client management.
  • Should have worked independently and been responsible for achievement of the sales targets.
  • Must have excellent communication skills:
    • Must be good in Client Relationship Management with CXOs.
    • Must possess positive and friendly attitude and leave a great impression for both self and company during all interactions internally and externally.
  • Absolute integrity and adherence to code of ethics is a must.
  • Must possess excellent ability to gather customer’s defined and undefined needs by asking right questions.

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute in defining sales targets for the market based on market intelligence, sales history, etc. The mutually agreed targets are final and are sole responsibility of the role. All targets are annual and for fiscal year.
  • Strategize and plan the overall sales action plan right from lead generation, qualification, to creating opportunities and winning business.
  • Review, monitor, and control – on a fortnightly/monthly or any other frequency basis – the sales funnel right from leads up to closures.
  • Conduct demos in a face-to-face setting, or remotely via technology, showcasing both complete knowledge of the product and its business mapping to the customer’s needs, as well as gather requirements from the customer in an appropriate and comprehensive manner for both their business needs as well as product functional needs.
  • Control and plan majority of the region-specific marketing activities, subject to the marketing budget, and work closely with marketing team to achieve the same.
  • Process all incoming RFI and RFP requirements from meetings at the first level and work closely with Presales to submit competitive, well thought out and comprehensive business proposals to prospects.
  • Expertly negotiate with the prospects to ensure a win-win deal for both Upside and customers.
  • Must be willing to travel and meet customers & prospects when needed to increase probability of sales.
  • Greet and host visitors (customers/prospects) to office in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Maintain correct and up-to-date version of all information, without fail, in Upside’s CRM software and ensure the reporting team does the same.
  • Follow the correct protocols to ensure a smooth and no-loss handover to the development team, once a sale is closed. Post-handover, maintain a regular understanding of progress of project.
  • Take up responsibility of tracking product renewals as part of sales quota and work with implementation, support and customers for timely renewals.
  • Provide a clear, accurate, and comprehensive report to the line manager once every 2 to 3 weeks, including all information on new business won, business lost, leads generated, etc. Outline a clear action plan for any gaps discovered in self or team function.
  • Prepare team to manage all incoming leads from various marketing channels.
  • Manage team including their leaves, work allocations, review, etc.

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